Container types
There are many container types which, for easy understanding, can be divided into standard and non-standard containers.

Non-standard containers may be similar to ISO containers but may not be intermodal worldwide and their operation could require special arrangement.

Here, we only consider the types of ISO containers which, according to ISO 6346 (1995) consist of several distinctive categories as follows:

1. General purpose containers
2. Bulk container
3. Named cargo containers (Livestock container, Automobile containers..)
4. Thermal containers
5. Open-top containers
6. Platform containers
7. Tank containers

Below are illustrating photos of those container kinds

2. Hardtop container

3. Insulate container

4. Open Top container

5. Plat form

6. Reefer container

7.  Standard container

8. Tank container

9.  Ventilated container

10. 40' highcube container

11. 40' Highcube reefer container

12. 40' dry container

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