China Southern opens new freighter route

China Southern Airlines has launched a new freighter route to Los Angeles. The flight takes off fromGuangzhou every Saturday and stops over atHangzhou before flying to Los Angeles.

The total transportation time from Hangzhou to LA is about 12 hours

The new route is operated by a B777-200 freighter, providing 90 tonnes capacity weekly. 

Garments, fabrics, mechanical parts, chemicals and pharmacy are exported to US fromHangzhou and its neighbouring cities such as Xiaoshan, Shaoxing, Ningbo, Jiaxing, Huzhou, Taizhou. 

In the past due to lack of direct flights from Hangzhou to EU and US, most of the products were transferred to Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou or Hong Kong by air or truck for export to LA.

The launch of China Southern's new freighter service will provide an efficient and direct channel for high-end shipments to destinations on the US West Coast.

Besides, through air network and road feeder service, Hangzhou can be connected to more than 80 cities in North American such as New York, Atlanta and Boston, 60 South America cities in Chile, Paraguay, and Brazil.

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