New planes to open key routes for IAG Cargo
 IAG Cargo will deploy a Boeing 787 and Airbus 380 across new routes to HyderabadChengdu,Philadelphia and Johannesburg in the New Year, boosting the carrier's ability to transport lucrative temperature sensitive goods.

Using the next generation aircraft on the key routes of its network will boost capacity for customers as well as introduce specialist features for the safe transportation of perishable and pharmaceutical cargo.

The B787 will launch from four locations on IAG Cargo's global network, with the first flight leaving Hyderabad on March 30. After this initial route, the aircraft will service Chengdufrom May 5, followed by flights leaving Philadelphia from June 5 and Calgary from July 5. 

The A380 will begin its service to Washington from September 1 and is set to start services to Johannesburg in February.

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