Belgium's Ostend Airport hotly denies trading arms into Libya
BELGIUM's Ostend Airport in considering legal action against the newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws for alleging it was involved in arms shipments to Libya, reports London's Loadstar,

A paper published allegations, apparently backed by UN sources, of illegal arms trafficking from the airport into Libya.

AHS Air International, formerly Rayyan Air Cargo, a Pakistani company owned by Jaideep Mirchandani, who together with his various companies including Veteran Avia and Aerospace One, was last year accused by the US Government of supporting the Assad regime in Syria by shipping large amounts of Russian money to his government.

According to the local media, Pakistan's civil aviation authority controversially granted an air operators certificate (AOC) to AHS Air, which is said to be operating Rayyan's two 747-200Fs, despite international concerns over the owner.

AHS Air was flying between Ostend and Libya on behalf of Libyan company Global Aviation.

The other carrier flying into Libya this year is Moldova's Aerotrans Cargo, which operates one 747-400F. That aircraft, formerly operated by Air Cargo Germany, was delivered to Aerotrans Cargo in December, from a Georgian company called AG Air.

According to reports in the Belgian media, AHS has been flying between Sharjah, Bayda in Libya, close to the new centre for the former Libyan government, to Ostend and Cologne. Aerotrans Cargo has operated flights between Hong Kong, Ostend and Tripoli, where the Libya Dawn government operates.

Since appearing on the US Bureau of Commerce and Security "Entity list", Mr Mirchandani has kept a low profile. He resigned as director of the UK sales agent for Aerospace One, Chartersphere, last year, while Aerospace One no longer lists him as an executive.

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