Vietnam is urged to develop co-ordinated air freight logistics chain

"Our achievements are owed to uncoordinated efforts by different sectors," said deputy general director of the Viet Nam Civil Aviation Authority, Vu Huy Cuong.

Speaking to the International Conference and Exhibition for Airfreight Logistics Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City, he said there were no links between these sectors or a complete logistics chain.

Said Vietnam Airfreight Logistics Association chairman Do Xuan Quang: "Developing a complete logistics chain is a must and the conference aims to learn about air freight experience around the world and apply it to the Vietnamese situation."

Mr Do said the challenges facing the Vietnamese air freight logistics industry, included the slowdown in GDP growth, the global economic crisis, volatile fuel prices along with the industry's seasonality, local airlines remaining small and their focus on passenger fleets, and a shortage of skilled, trained human resources in the aviation industry, reported VietNamNet Newspaper.

DHL Global Forwarding Vietnam chief Clement Blanc said the international trend was to use the bellyhold of aircraft to transport cargo. He also pointed out that the industry was moving away from warehousing/inventory, with most aircraft being huge and with good frequency and capacity to the right markets.

"Vietnam has grown from a GDP of US$33.6 billion in 2000 to $171.4 billion in 2014, but air freight capacity has not grown at the same pace to support the growth," said Mr Blanc.

"Insufficient air freight capacity to meet the requirements of customers unlike other locations means we lose cargo to neighbouring countries."

Boeing regional cargo marketing chief Tom Hoan said Vietnam must meet the market's aircraft payload/range requirements, meet current and future noise and emissions standards, ensure low operation costs and find a balance between volume and weight capacity - if it wants to sustain growth.

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