DB Schenker’s new rail service links Oslo and Narvik

DB Schenker has launched a new rail service connecting the Norwegian capital of Oslo to the Arctic Circle town of Narvik.


The DB Schenker North Rail Express operates five days a week, and is expected to transport around 25,000 containers a year on the 1,960 km route.


The train travels from the Alnabru terminal in Oslo to Narvik via Sweden. It also uses the Ofoten Line, whose freight transport should increase by around 30% as a result of the new service.


The train takes about 28 hours to cover the 1,960 km route, making it much faster than road freight.


The DB Schenker North Rail Express will transport around 90% of DB Schenker's freight destined for northern Norway by rail.


DB Schenker previously used capacities of the Norwegian State Railways.



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