Chairman warmly congratulates Glotrans Ha Noi and Glotrans Ho Chi Minh on their 1st Year Foundation Anniversary

Dear all Glotrans staff,

Glotrans Ha Noi and Glotrans Ho Chi Minh were officially founded on May 17th  (HN) and May 18th (HCM), and it has been one year so far. During the period, Glotrans had to cope with a lot of chalenges due to the critical competition in the market economy. However, thanks to significant continuous efforts of the Board of Director as well as Glotrans’s staff, our determination quickly get the whole business circumstances back to stability and initially make positive outcomes.

Anniversary days are two special days for not only these two offices but also our whole system. Moreover, this is also an occasion to review what we have done, evaluate them, and justify what we have not done as best as we can.  More importantly, we ourselves take this opportunity to get some practical lessons learnt through both achievements and failures from our business. From that, we will truly be able to understand where our real competencies are, and figure out which points should be improved according to actual occurrences in current market.

As J Maxwell, a legendary leader, says “The biggest enemy of tomorrow success is today success”. With unlimited potential of Logistics industry, yesterday results are positive signals, which prove that our decision is correct. A bigger success is still ahead. Hopefully, everyone should not be satisfied too early with today achievements; instead, with strongest commitments with selves and obvious objectives through specific stages.

At last, I strongly wish you health, happiness, wish two branches as well as Glotrans continuously general development, reach higher gears in your progress path.

Best regards and many thanks.  


Micheal Tran
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