Glotrans celebrated its 4th Year Foundation Anniversary (15/8)

Everyone of us has a day to remember - the day we were born and raised. So does our Glotrans: four years of foudation, four years of construction and development with many memorable and recorded things.

Despite of being a young business, Glotrans has been acting as a dynamic company in logistic field, of which each staff is a partner, united,  continuously creative and reactive. They are shown in the team spirit of leaders who concern and share staffs’ difficulties in the company. Founded in 2009, up til now, Glotrans has been a "common house" of who have worked closely and loved the company during the time.

Glotrans HP

Glotrans HN

Glotrans HCM

In the past 4 years, Glotrans has got a proud development; in a short time we have established two branches in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, set up agent system along the country and around the world .

The development doesnot only show in the tangible value such as business achievements, but it is also in the intangible value of the brand, the image on the market. The success that Glotrans has been achieved is the result of working process of all Glotrans’s staffs who always strive their best efforts; is the right direction and dedication of the Board of Directors of the Company. This is the development in accordance with the solid and professional strategy, combined with Glotrans’s culture – fairness, clearance, solidarity, creative innovation, friendliness, integration with the environment and society.

However, during the operation and development, Glotrans also encountered common difficulties of the economy and the individual difficulties of the enterprise.

In the future, there are certainly more difficulties and challenges. But "gold fire tried", Glotrans determinate to promote the spirit "dare to think, dare to do" to once again overcome difficulties and successful implement set out orientations. We believe that with our brainpower and experience gained during the past years, we will be successful and will be one of the leading companies in logistics in the country.

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