Greetings on Women's Day from C.E.O of Glotrans

Dear Glotrans Female Staff,

On the occasion of International Women's Day on 8/3, I would like to send best wishes to the female staff. I wish you good health, lots of fun, full of happiness and success in careers.

For recent years, with great efforts, creativeness and solidarity, all female staff at Glotrans have given a significantly contribution to the company's business. The Board of Managers appreciate the spirit of continuously enthusiasm, striving and the important contribution of women to the development of the company.

Glotrans leader will do their best for the advancement of women, to constantly improve the material and spiritual, create favorable conditions for all female staff to fulfill their successful completion of all assigned tasks, contributing more to the overall development of the company.

I hope that all Glotrans members will stand together, join efforts to push up Glotrans and assert its position in the market.

Again, I would like to send to all women wishes for health, happiness and success.

Chief Executive Officer

Micheal Tran
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