Glotrans participates in the biggest event in logistics 2015

Integration to the biggest and the largest opportunity global logistics and transportation 2015, WCA conference in 2015 will have more than 2,500 C.E.O and Managers in the forwarding industry - gathered in Hong Kong for 3 days to attend intensive "One-on-One" meetings and other social events.

Recognized as one of the most important global conference, the 7th WCA Conference was held from 2nd to 5th February at AsiaWorld Expo - adjacent to Hong Kong airport - and combined with 4 general association of WCA in a big event. The workshop is an integral part of a week duration conference and an in dispensable part of all WCA members. Attending the conference is the most effective method to increase our profit, expand the company, access to new markets and improve its image around the world.

Thanks to the combination with business, participants have chances to cooperate with new agents and and save couples of weeks and thousands of US Dollars for travelling by reservation for 40 meetings with agents around the world. The business partnership that we got in these days in the global WCA conference can be more than what we got by going for business trip to everywhere.

WCA members created a team of the strongest individual freight forwarders in the world with over 5,565 offices in 762 cities and ports worldwide. Together they create logistical strength stronger than all other networks combined.

Integration to the event of WCA family, Glotrans also actively participate in the global WCA 2015 event as a permanent member. Glotrans sent a delegate include Business Development Director and staff to the conference to meet and develop collaborative relationships with worldwide agents.

Taking advantages of the opportunity to meet partners at anytime, anywhere, delegates of Glotrans Vietnam have shown their professional transactions, share information with foreign agents and collect latest news at WCA conference.
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