Glotrans paticipated in "Air Freight Logistics Vietnam 2015" in Ho Chi Minh city

Following the success of 2013, Vietnam Logistics Association (VLA), Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV), cooperate with Vietnam Logistics Media Company (VLM) had an honour to continuely host the second international conference and exhibition “Air Freight Logistics Vietnam 2015" at Ho Chi Minh city Sheraton Hotel on April 23-24th, 2015. The conference had honor to welcome leaders of Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Industry and Trade, General Department of Vietnam Customs, International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association FIATA, International Air Transport Association IATA and over 30 international and local medias and presses reporting on this event.

“Air Freight Logistics Vietnam” is the only event this year in Asia Pacific and Vietnam that covered segments in the value-added chain of air freight logistics. Over 350 guests from all over the region, including professional s and market leaders of international and local logistics, export/import, airlines, airports, banks, insurance companies presented at the conference.

During the conference, more than 30 speakers, who are leaders in their own field, shared their vision and knowledge about opportunities for cooperation in the air freight business with the following topics:
-    Air Freight Logistics Asia Pacific and Vietnam – New trends and challenges
-    Air Freight Logistics connectivity – New vision and mission
-    Cooperation and Supply Chain in development
-    Air Freight Logistics – Human Resources Development

Looking to expand professional networking and learn success, experiences, challenges and solutions to strive in today ever more competitive market, Glotrans sent a delegate including Deputy Manager of Forwarding Dept. and staff to the conference to promote our company and develop collaborative relationship with new clients and service providers.

Glotrans registered to set up a booth at Exhibition Area to show up our profile and open letter. At the booth, our delegate had many chances to meet and introduce our valueable services to both international and local guests, especially air freight logistics solutions.

After the event, Glotrans delegate not only introduced our company and services with both international and local logistics companies but also assembled many valueable information of logistics challenges and opportunites . It will help Glotrans develop agent networking and air freight logistics solutions in the future.
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