Glotrans sponsored for Free Lunch Project by Student Association of International School of Education– Vietnam Maritime University (ISE – VIMARU)

Being a young dynamic international freight forwarder, Glotrans always bears in mind that human is the biggest asset of each enterprise. From the first beginning, we put top priority on welcoming young and enthusiatic students then continuously training and improving our staff qualifications. Therefore, we are always willing to support for the activities of Vietnam Maritime University and Logistics Training Centre in order to encourage and support the students who want to work and develop theirselves in logistics field.

During our Nation-wide High School Graduation Exam on 1st and 2nd July, 2015, Glotrans sponsored for Free Lunch 2015 Project held by Student Association of International School of Education – Vietnam Maritime University (ISE – VIMARU) and bacame one of six silver sponsors. We not only supported in financial matter but also prepared and gave free lunch to the candidates and their families in person. Each free lunch costed a small money but it had very big mental value and expressed the caring and sharing of VIMARU students and the young of Hai Phong as well. It was the working culture that Glotrans has built up so far – “caring and sharing culture”.

Marketing Officer of Glotrans' wish on Sponsor scrapbook
Project's Banner at Vietnam Maritime University

Free lunch for candidates and their families

Free lunch with a wish of Organising Committee

At C6 canteen

According to Organizing Committee, the total amount of free luch that the project gave out was 2.344 and increased 844 in comparision with the first plan. Each luch just costed 20.000 VND excluded water and beverage, howevers, it could help candidates and their families a lot in those difficult exam days. After the project, the Organizing Committee highly appreciated Glotrans’ support, both in finance, spirit and manpower and expressed their wish that Glotrans would continue to support their activities in the future.

Memory photo at the project

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