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Position: OPERATION  (working in Hai Phong)


Eligibility Criteria

Age: 25 – 35 (Male).



Required qualifications:


Graduated from universities or colleges majoring in economics, marketing, commerce, foreign trade, maritime…


– At least 1 year experience in the major.


Skill requirements:


– Understanding of foreign trade and forwarding services. Have a good grasp of the document profession in the field of import and export of goods.


– Working mainly in the field, hard working, not afraid to go on business trips.


– Good communication skills, agile.


– Love business, enthusiastic, proactive, creative at work, have perseverance, determination to complete tasks.


– Certificate of foreign language class B (English). Priority will be given to those who can read and understand foreign trade documents.


– Informatics: Exploiting the Internet, Email, proficient in Microsoft Office.


– Ability to think and communicate well, polite and enthusiastic.


– Good healthy. Capable of working with high intensity. Perseverance, carefulness and initiative to complete the job well. Consciously comply with the regulations of the profession.


Job description


– Know how to handle situations with parties such as Customs, Transport, Warehouse… at flexible and flexible seaports and airports.


– Understanding import and export policies, customs procedures for import and export shipments (Applying HS codes, applying taxes, declaring customs declarations, being familiar with the work at ports air and seaport). Capturing and processing entrusted import and export shipments.


– Arrange and maneuver vehicles while working with cargo exploitation.


– Support and advise customers to bring the optimal solution.


– Responsible for coordinating with relevant departments to serve customers.



– Basic salary and high bonus according to sales.


– Enjoy social insurance, health insurance, personal leave, annual leave, bonuses, allowances… in accordance with the Labor Code of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam promulgated.


– Facilitated for development and promotion.


Opportunities and prospects


– Have opportunities for promotion, being promoted to the positions of heads of departments, regions…


– Regular training, training inside and outside the enterprise.


– Have opportunities for periodic salary increases and bonuses for achievements, initiatives and exceeding planned targets…


Candidate Profile

01 Copy of curriculum vitae with 4×6 photo, certified by the local authority of the place of permanent residence


01 Application form (handwritten)


  • 02 3×4 photos (remove envelopes with full name, date of birth).


  • 01 health examination certificate.


  • 01 copy of people’s identity card (notarized).


  • The University Certificate


Interviews only with qualified applicants.


Applications please should be sent to the following address:


Head office: Administration Department.

Phone: 84.31.3836599 Fax: 84.31.3836866

Email: adm.hpg@glotransvn.com.vn

Address: Room 16, 3rd Floor, Thanh Dat Building, 3 Le Thanh Tong, Ngo Quyen District, Hai Phong.