Vietnam, Myanmar take more of global garment sourcing away from China

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“In terms of global inspections performed, from Q1 2014 to Q1 2015, China’s share in percentage dropped by 12 points,” said a monthly Retailer Sourcing Report compiled by sourcing solutions provider CBX Software, citing information from AsiaInspection, a provider of quality control inspection services.

The sourcing report pointed to evidence that Vietnam and Myanmar have expanded output through March.

“According to the latest Purchasing Managers’ Index for manufacturing, Vietnam rose in both output and new orders. While US imports from China in January were down for the first time since 2008, Vietnam became the biggest ASEAN exporter to the US.

“Meanwhile, Myanmar’s garment industry has seen significant growth, increasing by US$300 million in the past year, and has doubled in less than three years.”

Overall, the report concluded that global emerging markets entered 2015 on relatively weak footing, a trend which has continued in the second quarter, reported American Shipper.

“Notable exceptions are Poland, Czech Republic and Mexico, which may indicate a trend towards near shoring,” the sourcing report said.

“In Asia, China’s manufacturing continued its moderate decline which along with low oil and commodity prices and a strong US dollar are having a wide impact on global consumption and manufacturing.”