Glotrans's services

Supply service and shipping agent

Whether you are a ship owner or a ship operator, Glotrans fully understands how to fulfill all customer requirements. Our goal is to ensure the ship is cleared quickly and best protect the interests of our partners.

Multimodal transport service

Multimodal transport, also known as combined transport, is a method of transporting goods that effectively combines different modes of transport, transporting goods by at least two modes such as sea transport – air – road, air – sea – rail – road… or a combination of all these modes as appropriate, on the basis of a translation contract multimodal transport service from a point in one country to a designated point in another country for delivery.

Consulting service for making settlement reports

In recent years, Vietnam has become increasingly involved in the global production chain. Many items are produced in Vietnam, then exported to the world: electronics, computers and components; phones and components; means of transport and spare parts; iron and steel; wood and wood products; footwear; textiles; machinery and equipment

Cross-border transportation service

When using cross-border transportation services to Laos, Cambodia, China and Vietnam or vice versa, customers are supported through customs clearance by a team of professional staff, many years of experience, helping with the delivery of goods. at border gates take place quickly, safely and effectively.

Other services

Glotrans provides emergency rescue services, relocate the wreck, offshore environmental incident response throughout the territorial waters of Vietnam and surrounding areas.


For more than 10 years providing freight forwarding and transportation services, Glotrans understands the diverse needs of customers. With many years of experience of a professional NVOCC and strategic partnerships with major shipping lines in the world, Glotrans provides freight forwarding and transportation services with a rich schedule of ships, meeting the needs of customers. and diverse customer choices.


Transporting goods is an important step for manufacturers, distributing goods to the market. However, in reality, there is not always enough cargo to export one container (FCL); Since then, Glotrans exploits retail consolidation service to bring optimal efficiency to manufacturers, while ensuring a fixed time and frequency, helping customers to take initiative in production time and plan.

Warehouse Service

Warehousing service is one of the most basic elements in a Logistics solution. Warehousing services provide a place to store and preserve goods, and support distribution and transfer to optimize costs for businesses.

Cargo insurance service

Transported cargo insurance is insurance for external risks causing loss of or physical damage to the insured goods, occurring during transit (and/or temporary storage during transit). transportation) is carried out by any means of transport, within the territory of Vietnam or on a worldwide scale. Therefore, for every business operating in the field of import and export, cargo insurance is one of the top priorities.


Express are gradually becoming a popular form of service in today's life. With the explosion of e-commerce, express delivery has even more "conditions" for further sublimation development. Express contributes to promoting the general trade of the economy, ensuring the fast and continuous flow of goods.

Domestic transportation

Reliable and on-time delivery of our customers' goods is key to our business. To meet specific transportation needs, we offer a wide range of domestic transportation services.

Air freight

Glotrans has great advantages to provide clients with high standard airfreight services from Vietnam to the world and vice versa, thanks to its years of intensive experience in airfreight services, dedicated and experienced team of experts, worldwide network of dynamic agents and being reliable partner of international airlines

Sea freight

International sea freight forwarding services not only arranges for appropriate vessels but also handles the related formalities along with constant tracking of the shipment while it's in transit.

Customs Clearance Services

Glotrans is a licensed customs clearance agent. Our experienced customs brokers have worked in this industry for many years, providing our clients with the best solutions for customs clearance.