Consulting service for making settlement reports

In recent years, Vietnam has become increasingly involved in the global production chain. Many items are produced in Vietnam, then exported to the world: electronics, computers and components; phones and components; means of transport and spare parts; iron and steel; wood and wood products; footwear; textiles; machinery and equipment;… Most of them are produced by export processing factories, either by export production or by processing goods. Although this is an increasingly popular form of production for export, many businesses still face difficulties when they have to make tax reports or make periodic customs settlements.

The information recorded on the finalization report is the basis for the tax authorities and inspectors to check the authenticity and correctness of the tax finalization process. Therefore, it is required that the tax finalization must achieve absolute accuracy to avoid businesses getting into troubles related to law penalties, arrears, and handling of violations.

Understanding these difficulties of businesses, Glotrans is always ready to advise and support customs procedures, settlement reports for businesses. Glotrans's team of experts will help customers not only track the norms of raw materials, but also help interpret and compare the data with the customs authorities. This helps businesses solve a lot of confusion in the working process and gives customers a quick and effective solution in making and explaining the settlement report.