Warehouse Service

Warehousing service is one of the most basic elements in a Logistics solution. Warehousing services provide a place to store and preserve goods, and support distribution and transfer to optimize costs for businesses.

We have a variety of warehouse rental services, including CFS, bonded, cold storage... Glotrans has a team of staff with many years of experience in the industry, able to assess all warehouse quality conditions. , committed to bringing large invested warehouse systems, fully equipped with modern equipment, quality lighting and ventilation systems. In addition, all types of warehousing services are equipped with a 24-hour surveillance camera system, goods when stored in the warehouse will be absolutely safe, with full fire protection, according to standards.

When using Glotrans's warehousing service, customers will simultaneously enjoy the following services:
 - Import and export management services and goods storage.
 - Transport services deliver goods to the final buyer.
 - Periodic inventory service.
 - Service of arranging and dismantling goods in and out of the warehouse.
 - Standard packaging service.

Goods counting service, analyzing and making predictions about the status of import and export according to each type of goods, so that partners can have a reasonable plan.

Glotans' support staff is enthusiastic, dedicated, and has high professional expertise in Logistics. We understand and can support customers in the fastest way, and at the same time ensure the quality of the warehouse and the safety of the goods of the business.