To achieve the growth target in 2023, the Hai Phong City People's Council sets out the city's socio-economic development orientation based on three pillars: high-tech industry, seaport-logistics, trade and tourism.

Connecting the largest seaport and logistics area in the North

On December 14, Hai Phong city held a technical traffic clearance ceremony for the project of Renovating and upgrading Ngo Gia Tu street (the section from the old airport gate to Lien ward street).

Ngo Gia Tu route combined with Nguyen Van Linh and Vo Nguyen Giap roads will be the three main roads connecting the seaport system including the largest seaports and logistics zones in the North.

Investment project to renovate and upgrade Ngo Gia Tu street belongs to Group B project, grade III traffic works. The project construction site is located in Dang Hai, Nam Hai, Thanh To and Trang Cat wards.

The project scale has a length of 1.86km; roadbed width 19.25m; in which, the width of the road surface is 12m, the pavement on both sides is 3,625m wide. Total investment is nearly 243 billion VND.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Duc Tho, Vice Chairman of Hai Phong City People's Committee emphasized that this event has important significance, aiming to gradually improve and modernize the transport network of Hai An district, connect the internal roads with the city traffic network, contributing to the socio-economic development of Hai An district in particular and the city in general.

Vice Chairman Nguyen Duc Tho said that Ngo Gia Tu street is one of the city's arterial traffic routes, connecting Rao bridge to Lien ward street. Previously, the section from Rao bridge to Le Hong Phong street was upgraded, renovated, completed and put into use by the city in 2018.

On behalf of the city's leaders, the Vice Chairman of the City People's Committee praised the efforts of the departments, branches, Hai An district and construction contractors during the project implementation, so that the project is completed on schedule, ensuring the synchronization of the entire route, contributing to connecting traffic with Dinh Vu area and improving the efficiency of the Inter-ward route.

The Vice Chairman also suggested that Hai An district strengthen direction in the management of sidewalk order and environmental sanitation; regularly check, supervise and coordinate with electricity, water and telecommunications service providers in connecting equipment and lines through technical trenches, ensuring aesthetics, engineering and traffic safety. 

In 2023, accelerate socio-economic development

On December 9, the People's Council of Hai Phong city closed the 9th session, the 16th session after 3 working days (December 7-9). During the meeting, the delegates of the Hai Phong City People's Council focused on discussing the city's socio-economic development situation, the direction for 2023; questioned the Chairman of the City People's Committee on groups of contents related to urban and new rural development, and transport infrastructure.

After working sessions, Hai Phong City People's Council approved 35 resolutions. Regarding the resolution "Socio-economic tasks, national defense and security of the city in 2023," Hai Phong determined, the growth rate of gross domestic product GRDP (2010 constant price) increased by about 12.7% -13% compared to 2022.

State budget revenue in the area reached 116,442,134 billion VND, of which domestic revenue was 42,500 billion VND. Cargo throughput through the port reached 185 million tons.

The city continues to strive to attract from 2 to 2.5 billion USD in foreign direct investment. This resolution also sets out groups of targets for social and environmental development.

There are 9 solutions proposed by the People's Council of Hai Phong City to achieve the above goal, in which the city's socio-economic development orientation is emphasized based on 3 pillars: high-tech industry, seaport-logistics, trade and tourism.

Along with that, the city continues to focus on epidemic prevention and control, responding to situations when an epidemic occurs, not letting the situation "epidemic", budget expenditure, promoting digital transformation, continuing to build model new rural areas are also specified in this resolution.

In addition to the resolution on the city's socio-economic development in 2023, the Hai Phong City People's Council also approved a number of other important resolutions such as establishing thematic supervision team of the City People's Council on the implementation of the provisions of the law on medical examination and treatment in the city; Deciding on payroll, number of people working in agencies and units in Hai Phong city in 2023; Decide the area not allowed to raise livestock in the city.

Addressing the closing session, Chairman of the Hai Phong City People's Council Pham Van Lap emphasized that in order to successfully implement the 35 resolutions the City Council had just passed, right after the meeting, the City People's Committee urgently implemented the following resolutions. Decided by specific programs and plans from the first day and month of the plan year, and at the same time determined that 2023 is the year to accelerate the implementation of the objectives of the economic and social development plan of Hai Phong city in the period 2021-2025.

The City People's Committee and related units have effectively implemented breakthrough solutions in terms of investment attraction, urban modernization, and synchronous infrastructure development, focusing on traffic infrastructure, regional infrastructure, etc. , industrial clusters, tourism infrastructure and digital infrastructure.

Hai Phong's functional agencies continue to remove difficulties and obstacles, speeding up the progress of key infrastructure works and projects. The control of state budget expenditure needs to be implemented effectively and in accordance with regulations, avoiding loss, negativity and waste of the state budget.

Sectors, localities and units throughout the city continue to accelerate digital transformation, further promote administrative reform in the direction of substantive, effective, for the people and businesses, improve the business investment environment, build a professional, open and transparent government.

The city creates the most open and favorable environment for investors and maintains political security, social order and safety, and ensures social security in the area.

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