After the construction is completed and put into operation, Lien Chieu port will have a port operation space organized in an open direction, in which the highlight is the office architecture, the operator... suitable for large-sized cargo handling and exploitation equipment, modern technology.

Project scale

Lien Chieu Port is one of the key projects approved in the master plan adjustment project of Da Nang city to 2030, with a vision to 2045 approved by the Prime Minister. The project is built in Hoa Hiep Bac ward (Lien Chieu district, Da Nang city) with a total area of about 540 ha; develop port logistics (logistics center) with a total area of about 195 ha.

Lien Chieu Port Construction Investment Project, Shared infrastructure located in Hoa Hiep Bac ward, Lien Chieu district, Da Nang city, is a main component of Lien Chieu port investment and construction project .

The project belongs to the type of traffic works, group A, with a total investment of 3,426.3 billion VND (of which the central capital in the 2021-2025 period is 2,994.59 billion VND, the rest uses the budget of Da Nang city).

In terms of construction investment scale, the project will build breakwaters, ship channels, technical infrastructure connecting capacity to accommodate general and bulk ships in front of a tonnage of up to 100,000 DWT, container ships with a capacity of 6,000 - 8,000 TEUs, specifically: breakwaters about 1,170m long (573m long breakwater, 597m long breakwater); The channel is about 7.3km long, 160m wide, dredging bottom elevation -14.0m (chart system), arrangement of turning area, navigational signaling system; Roads connecting to the port gate include Section 1 from the port gate to the foot of the railway overpass 1.2 km long, 06 lanes, 30 m wide and Section 2 includes branches within the intersection, connecting with section 1 and Nguyen Van Cu street (NH1), each branch includes 02 lanes, width 8m; and Technical infrastructure of electricity supply, water supply and ancillary works synchronously to the port of the starting port area.

The project is expected to be implemented from 2021 to December 2025, meeting the infrastructure requirements for the two initial starting berths.

Synchronization of infrastructure

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony of the project, President Nguyen Xuan Phuc suggested that the government, investors and related parties pay attention to always complying with relevant laws and regulations, ensuring the implementation on schedule and with the set quality, disburse public investment capital for the project as planned, quickly put the project into operation and exploitation in order to promote the project's efficiency; practice principles of saving and efficiency in investment, safety in construction, minimizing impacts on the environment and people's lives during construction.

In addition, invest in the application of modern technologies, especially automation and digital technologies, in the management and operation of seaports, aiming to build a "green port" model following the world's trend. It is necessary to aim to reduce the cost of using seaport and logistics infrastructure in order to reduce business costs for businesses and improve the competitiveness of goods imported and exported through Da Nang seaport. Ensure synchronization in investment in infrastructure connecting seaports and logistics infrastructure, especially in the inter-regional transport system, including road, railway, waterway, warehouse system and related supporting infrastructure. To train seaport and logistics human resources commensurate with the scale and requirements set forth, human resources must be prepared one step ahead of the investment in seaport infrastructure.

According to Da Nang City People's Committee, the growth rate of cargo through Da Nang seaport in recent years has averaged 10% per year. In 2020, the volume of goods through Da Nang port will reach 11.4 million tons. Cargo output is forecast to reach 50 million tons by 2050.

The groundbreaking of Lien Chieu port project, the part of infrastructure shared with the event is of great significance to promote investment attraction in the synchronous construction of Lien Chieu port - an international gateway port in the coastal region. The Center aims to strengthen regional and inter-regional connectivity, which is a lever to contribute to promoting the socio-economic development of Da Nang city and the region.

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