Promote the exploitation of export goods from Laos

As a landlocked country, Laos mainly exports agricultural products, minerals and electricity through border gates to seaports in Southeast Asian countries. With the advantage of the gateway to the sea of Southern Laos, Chu Lai port (Quang Nam) has synchronously invested in infrastructure, equipment, technology, upgraded the service chain, to promote the exploitation of export goods. from this "million elephant" country.

Prospects of exploiting export goods from Laos market

According to the Lao Ministry of Industry and Trade, in 2022, although the world economic situation and the region face many difficulties and challenges, Laos still recorded positive results in trade with a total import-export turnover of 14. 4 billion USD, up 6.7% compared to 2021. Especially commodities such as electricity, gold, paper and paper products, copper ore, rubber, cassava chips, bananas... are regularly exported to the market. world school. Currently, the import and export demand of Laos' goods is increasing, opening up opportunities for ports in Central Vietnam, including Chu Lai port of Truong Hai International Shipping and Forwarding Company (THILOGI). ) has attracted a source of "banks", promoting regional and international trade.

Chu Lai port is currently exploiting export goods from Savanakhet, Sepon, Attapeu, Pakse, Sekong regions with products with potential for development such as paper materials, tapioca starch, fresh fruit and especially cassava chips. . On April 10, the Truong Hai Star 3 train carrying 1,700 tons of cassava chips of VBS Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company (Enterprise trading in agricultural and forestry raw materials, exploiting agricultural products for export from Laos) was leaving Chu Lai port. This is a shipment of cassava chips transported directly from Sekong, Laos to Chu Lai port and exported to China. Currently, this enterprise is storing more than 1,000 tons of cassava chips at the port and the output will continue to increase in the near future.

Mr. Nghiem Duc Huy - General Director of VBS Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company said: "Tassi chips are bulk goods with a specific method of transportation, storage, handling, high cost and time consuming. Therefore, the selection of partners for export is carefully considered by us. After researching and surveying, we found that Chu Lai port fully meets the requirements of service quality, time and cost; especially large warehouses and yards that can store goods in large quantities; The procedures for receiving, storing, preserving, customs procedures, exporting goods, etc. are all fast, serving the import and export needs of the company.

Take advantage, promote investment

Chu Lai Port is currently exploiting domestic sea transport routes from Ho Chi Minh City - Chu Lai to Hai Phong and vice versa; and international maritime routes directly connecting to major ports of Japan, Korea and China. This is an advantage for the port to strengthen the connection between supply and demand in the Central region, Central Highlands, Laos, and Cambodia (where there is a great demand for agricultural products exports, imports of production materials and supplies); connecting sources of export goods to domestic and international markets, reducing costs, shortening time, and bringing double benefits to customers.

Currently, Chu Lai port aims to gradually increase the volume of goods through the port; improve loading and unloading productivity; up to 50% reduction in ship clearance time; reduce the cost of import-export services such as lifting, loading and unloading, storage... 5 - 40% lower than the cost level in the region. According to Mr. Phan Van Ky - Director of Chu Lai port, the port is attracting more container cargo, diversifying container service routes exploited at the port, developing routes connecting directly from Chu Lai port to other ports. international. At the same time, promoting market research, timely grasping the needs and trends of using services of customers. In particular, the port also flexibly applies business and after-sales policies to suit individual needs, building models of full-service port services to create convenience and savings for customers.

In the coming time, Chu Lai port will complete and put into operation a 50,000-ton port to improve wharf capacity. In addition, the port will build and expand a warehouse system to receive and store a number of strategic commodities that have a lot of room for development from Laos, Cambodia and the Central and Central Highlands such as: cassava chips, tapioca starch, paper and paper products, pellets, wood chips, fruit, rubber... The port also continues to invest in modern gantry and frame crane systems that operate on electricity instead of diesel to reduce service costs and develop the port in an environmentally friendly direction. Taking advantage and promoting investment and exploitation of export goods from neighboring countries, mainly from Laos, will contribute to creating a premise for Chu Lai port to become an international transshipment gateway in Vietnam. Central region, contributing to socio-economic development locally and regionally.

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