Air freight surcharges

Air freight surcharges

1. D/O fee (Delivery Order)

Delivery order fee, this fee is incurred when the goods arrive at the airport and the airline/forwarder makes the delivery order D/O so that the consignee can bring this D/O to the airport and present it to the customs to pick up the goods.

2. THC (Terminal Handling Charge)

Loading and unloading goods from the plane and from the warehouse to the means of transport

3. AWB fee (Airway Bill)

A receipt issued by an air carrier directly or through an authorized agent. It is proof of the contract of carriage, but not a document of title to the goods. Therefore, the air waybill is non-transferable

4. AMS (Automatic Manifest System)

Customs data transmission fee to some QCs such as US, CANADA, CHINA...

5. SCC (Security Charge)

Security screening fee: X-ray fee and Security, which pays for security checks at the airport and has a very low cost. for main bill of lading

7. FHL

Fee national one-stop data transmission for sub-bills of lading

8. Bill split fee

If ben Forwarder meets many House Bills, the more freight service companies will have to pay bills

9. Handling fee

Fees for loading and unloading goods from the means of transport to the warehouse and arranging management in the warehouse to wait for boarding