1. Surcharge THC – Terminal Handling Charge (THC) – Port handling fee
THC surcharge applies to both import and export goods. This is a surcharge collected on each container to offset the costs of cargo handling activities at the port, such as: loading and unloading, gathering containers from CY to the jetty.

2. CIC -Container Imbalance Charge- Container imbalance fee
CIC surcharge applies to imported goods. The shipping line collects this fee to cover the costs incurred from transporting a large number of empty containers from the place of excess to the place of shortage.

3. D/O fee – Delivery Order fee – Delivery order fee:
DO fee applies to imported goods. When the goods arrive at the port in Vietnam, shipping lines or forwarders (shipping agents) collect this fee when issuing D/O – a written delivery order to the consignee (consignee). With this document, the consignee presents to the port to pick up the goods.

4. B/L fee – Bill of Lading fee – Document fee
B/L fee applies to export goods. This is the document fee for shipping lines to make bills of lading and paperwork for export shipments.

5. Handling fee – Handling fee – Delivery fee
Handling fees apply to imported goods and are charged to each shipment. This fee is incurred when a forwarder transacts with an overseas agent to negotiate on behalf of an overseas agent in Vietnam to perform certain tasks such as declaring a manifest with the customs authority, issuing a BL, D/O as well as related documents.

6.Telex release fee – delivery fee (fax, email, email, ...)

Telex release fee applies to goods exported using Bill surrender and to each shipment. The exporter requested to take the surrender bill from the shipping company without the original bill to facilitate the receipt of the goods by the importer.

When the goods arrive at the port of destination, the shipping company of the exporting party makes a delivery call to notify the importing shipping company that it is allowed to deliver the goods to the importer without requiring the consignee to present the original bill and collect the delivery fee.​​

7. CFS fee – Container Freight Station fee – Loading fee

CFS fee applies to odd shipments with M3, CBM. CFS is the cost of loading, unloading, management, packing goods into the container (exported goods), unloading goods out of the container (imported goods).

8. Cleaning container fee – Container cleaning fee

Cleaning container fee applies to imported goods. Shipping lines collect to do the washing and cleaning of containers.

After using the container to transport goods, the container needs to be washed and dried to ensure the good condition of the container.

9. Amendment fee – Bill repair fee

Bill correction fee applies to exported goods. If the B/L set for the shipper has some errors that need to be corrected on some details on the B/L but the shipper has already received the bill set or the editing time is over, the Shipper asks the shipping line / forwarder to correct the bill, it will be rejected. editing fees.

10.Loading fee, Labor fee, Labor fee at the yard

Labor charge at the wharf incurred in the process of making odd goods, This is the fee the shipping company collects to pay the workers handling the goods at the port.

11. Lift on – Lifting fee

Charge for lifting goods from the loading yard to the vehicle.

12. Lift off – Lowering fee

Charge for unloading containers from the vehicle to the parking lot.

13. DET – Detention – Shell Storage Fee

Calculated on the number of overdue days of customers when taking containers to their own warehouse for packing (exported goods) or unloading (imported goods).

14. DEM – Demurrage – Container Storage Fee

Container storage fee is also an expense that import and export businesses must carefully calculate. Calculated on the number of overdue days of the customer when leaving the container at the yard. This fee is collected by the shipping company.

15. Storage charge – Storage fee

Calculated on the number of overdue days of the customer when leaving the container at the port. This fee is collected by the port.

Normally, DEM and DET fees have a free time according to the regulations of the shipping line for each shipment, Storage charge also has this free time but according to the general regulations of the yard - port.

16. CFS – Retail handling fee

CFS fee (Container Freight Station fee) Every time there is an imported odd shipment, there will be a fee for unloading the goods from the container into the CFS retail warehouse and they collect the CFS fee.