Danang city wants to build Lienchieu seaport to reduce the loading capable for Tiensa port

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Danang city wants to build Lienchieu seaport to reduce the loading capable for Tiensa port. It was proposed by Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tuan, The Vice Chairman of Danang People’s Committee at the morning meeting in March 18th with Mr. Nguyen Van Cong, The Deputy Minister of Transport (MOT) and the government mission to revise, update and adjust the detail planning about group of Mid-Central Port (group 3) by 2020 and towards 2030.


In case, cargo ships and cruise ships docked at Tiensa port together in the meantime. It caused overcrowding and unsafeness for tourists.
According to JSC Consulting Construction of Maritime, based on the contents of a meeting in mid-December 2015 in Danang, the Ministry of Transport has offered counseling to update information on urban planning, reviewed the investment perspective about Danang port. The company wants to upgrade the Lienchieu port into an international gateway ports in the near future due to the development orientation of the city on Logistic services. Simultaneously, creating the connected convenient transportation of Lienchieu port for the north-south high-speed rail, the Danang-Quangngai highway and especially the development of industrial zones, urban areas in the west of the city.
Along with that, according to calculations by consultants, at the present, Tiensa port has reached 6.7 million tons of cargo / year, while it just had 3 quays: No. 1, 2 and 3. The quay No. 4 and 5 couldn’t be in use because of the slow progress. According to calculation by consultants, with the increasing in amount of goods as currently, by 2020, Tiensa port will reach the capability of 10-15 million tons per year.
With the highly possible forecasts, in view of the mining enterprises, Mr Nguyen Huu Sia, General Director of Danang Port, said that: “Currently, Tiensa port is an aggregated port (goods and tourism). So the cruise ships moored in a long time and travelers crossed under the big cranes and this work caused the adverse effect to the unloading work and unsafe for the pier area. If we can increase its capacity up to 12-15 million tons per year, that will occurs the conflict between tourism operators and cargoes.
At the same point of view, Le Van Trung, director of the Department of Transport in Danang said that the increasing capacity will make an increase in the transportation of goods. Mr Trung worries this work will lead to the conflicts in the intersection when the container trucks operate in the city. 14B management division said the East-West Economic Corridor will overload, and be downgraded rapidly. The consultants said that the proposals should be calculated carefully
At the more macro vision, Nguyen Ngoc Tuan, Vice Chairman of Danang said that the forecast is only at relative level whether the future depends on the ability to have the mutation or not. Mr Tuan said that the computation of goods at 11-12 million tons by 2020 at Tiensa port is suitable. However, the consultants have given figures in 2030 is 29-30 million tons should need more consideration.
Mr. Tuan also suggested the Ministry of Transport building an own quay at Tiensa port for passenger because the consultants forecasted the number of visitors to Danang by sea will be around 215-220 thousand visitors in 2020 and 2030. Not only that, Danang now has a policy to build the eastern marine park in the region, so that it is essential to have a new quay.
Marking these comments, Mr. Nguyen Van Cong, Deputy Minister of Transport said Lienchieu port is favorable in depth but limited on the ground. And it will cost more to build breakwater but it is essential to reduce the loading capability in Tiensa port. Mr Nguyen Van Cong agreed to propose Lienchieu port in potential research area by 2020 and will conduct the investment after 2020.