Glotrans attended the PGA Annual Conference in Bangkok, Thailand

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Implementing 2016 business plan and continuing its strategy to connect and widen agent network, Marketing Dept had the 1st oversea business trip in 2016 to attend the PGA Annual Conference and visit some agents in Bangkok, Thailand.

Being PGA member since 2012, however, this is the 1sst time Glotrans took part in the Annual Conference of the Association. With the limited members, the Conference was taken place at a small size with 40 people from more than 20 members. This is the main difference in comparison with some other medium and big size Conferences (CLC & TFS, WCA, PPL…)


At the Conference, Ms Tracy – the Director of Oversea and Business Development Dept., had a short introduction about Glotrans with prominent services, its advantage on office network as well as some big projects that Glotrans have been handling. Each member at its 1st time attending the conference has a chance to introduce about the company directly in the Conference phase, which is also different from other Conferences.


In 1-1 meeting phases, Ms Tracy once again emphasize on Glotrans’s advantages as well as its differences in comparison with other forwarders in the logistics market in Vietnam.

The most important target of 1-1 meetings is to establish relations with agents, keep in touch and create a circle with other members instead of waiting until we have suitable inquiries/shipments. Besides, Ms Tracy also asserted that Glotrans always respects agents’ supports and hope to create a strong agent network to provide diversified services to customers.



After the attendance, Glotrans left an image of an active, open and aggressive partner. Hope that we soon get good results as expectation.